Coaching and planning

Many would be investors fail to act because they are uncertain of where to start and fearful of making a mistake. There is no shortage of information on property today, why then, do most property investors fail to achieve their goals? We believe it comes down to one thing; understanding the difference between knowledge (fact) and perception or interpretation.
At Bespoke Investment Group we provide the coaching support through our property consultants to assist investors in overcoming these challenges to achieving their goals.
Your coach will meet with you for an initial no obligation consultation in which time they will provide you with information about our services and how we might help you on your journey.  At the same time, they will seek to understand you and your goals for investment, gathering information that will enable them to assess your capacity for investment. At the conclusion of that initial meeting your coach will give you the opportunity to receive your personal investment strategy. We charge you an initial fee of $495 for your strategy preparation which is refunded to you when your initial purchase contract becomes unconditional.
Your coach will then work with you to put that strategy into action and over time help you build a diversified investment portfolio.
 They will help you
– source appropriate property for your plan,
– provide project management support,
– where required refer you to trusted professional advisors so that you surround yourself with a team to support your investment journey
– review and reset your plan on completion of your property/s and help you answer the question, “what next?”
In short, they will walk the investment journey with you.
Click the link to request an initial free no obligation consultation.

Referral Partners

At Bespoke Investment Group we believe it is important that investors surround themselves with the right professional advisors in the right areas and that this is key to maximizing your success in achieving your goals.
The biggest mistake we see people making time and time again is getting the wrong advice (albeit well intentioned) from the wrong people…seek your advice from the right professional in the right field related to your question.
We work collegially with other trusted Professionals to provide the full range of services required by the active property investor. It is in the Investor’s best interest to work with highly qualified and ethical service providers who specialise in their particular services and are therefore able to offer a high-quality service. We also believe it is important that your advisors understand property as an asset class and are experienced in the support of property investors therefore we have fostered relationships with various professionals in various fields to help provide our clients with the most appropriate advice.
Seeking accounting advice from an accountant who understands property, legal advice from a solicitor with the same level of understanding, advice on finance on appropriate lenders from an experienced broker in this space, financial advice from a licensed advisor and your advice on property from us, the team at Bespoke Investment Group who are best placed to provide relevant, unbiased advice based on your goals and what you want to achieve is therefore critical to your success.
We provide referral to:
– Accountancy Services
– Financial Planning
– Finance Brokerage
– Insurance Brokerage
– Property Management Services
– Legal Services / Conveyancing
– Town Planning
– Architectural and Interior Design Services
– Project Feasibility Studies
– Building Services
Please contact your Bespoke Consultant who will help you access the support you require.

Foreign Investment

We have assisted many foreign national clients with starting their investment portfolio here in Australia. From assisting with setting up bank accounts, applying for Tax File Numbers (TFN’s), assisting with the setting up of trusts (where requested) right through to sourcing and securing their property, assisting with the finance application and referral to Property Manager to secure a tenant.
At Bespoke Investment Group we offer a complete solution for our non-resident clients, from inquiry to handover and everything in between.
All Foreign Nationals are required to seek and obtain Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) approval prior to investing in residential property in Australia, however some exemptions do apply.
Below is a snapshot of the detailed information which can be found on the FIRB website and based on Treasury data taken from this site, some text may have been omitted to shorten content for the purposes of providing an overview of what is required.

Foreign investment in residential real estate

Under Australia’s foreign investment framework, foreign persons generally need to apply for foreign investment approval before purchasing residential real estate in Australia.

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Find further information here via links to specific topics regarding foreign investment which may be relevant to you.

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Certain persons and acquisitions are exempt from the requirement to notify and receive a no objections notification under the Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers Amendment Act 2015.
Foreign persons should determine whether their proposed acquisition is exempt and if in doubt, seek legal advice. Strict penalties (including civil and criminal penalties and disposal orders) may apply for breaches of Australia’s foreign investment framework.

Residential Real Estate

Persons that meet certain criteria do not need foreign investment approval before purchasing residential real estate in Australia.

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Other acquisitions

Exemptions may apply for other acquisitions in certain circumstances.

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Eligibility Criteria

If you are eligible for approval under the policy, then the acquisition will be approved subject to legally binding conditions according to the category of property (if applicable). Your application must include the relevant Declaration confirming that you meet the eligibility criteria and that you will abide by the relevant conditions.
If you are not eligible for approval under the policy, then the acquisition is generally considered to be contrary to the national interest and will not normally be approved.

Vacant Land

Proposed acquisitions of vacant land for residential development are normally approved subject to development condition(s) imposed under the FATA.

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New Dwellings

New dwellings acquired ‘off the plan’ (before construction commences or during the construction phase) or after construction is complete are normally approved where the dwellings:
• have not previously been sold (that is, they are purchased from the developer); and
• have not been occupied for more than 12 months.

There are no restrictions on the number of such dwellings in a new development which may be sold to foreign persons, provided that the developer markets the dwellings locally as well as overseas (that is, the dwellings cannot be marketed exclusively overseas).
This category includes dwellings that are part of extensively refurbished buildings where the building’s use has undergone a change from non-residential (for example, office or warehouse) to residential. It does not include established residential real estate that has been refurbished or renovated.
A property purchased under this category may be rented out, sold to Australian interests or other eligible purchasers, or retained for the foreign investor’s own use. Once the property has been purchased, it is second-hand real estate and is subject to the restrictions applying to that category.

Fees 2016-17

Residential land fees

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get involved with Bespoke Investment Group?2017-10-05T00:20:13+10:00

We are always interested in talking with people who want to work with us, whether as a client, a coach or a referral partner. Simply contact us by email or phone and we will be happy to meet you to discuss your interest.

Do you recommend investing in property in a Self-Managed Super Fund?2017-10-05T00:20:03+10:00

We are not qualified to make recommendations in regards to SMSF investment. Your chosen financial planner is responsible for giving you that qualified advice. Should your financial planner advise that property investment is appropriate within your SMSF we have the ability to access a range of suitable property options that meet the legislative requirements for property investment within your fund. Should you not have access to a qualified advisor we are happy to refer you on to one.

Where do you have property?2017-10-05T00:19:32+10:00

We don’t have property in the sense that we have a stock list to sell from. Through our relationships with builders and developers we are able to access a diverse range of property options across Australia depending on what is most appropriate for each investor.

Should I use Lender’s Mortgage Insurance (LMI)?2017-10-05T00:19:41+10:00

This will depend on the amount of equity (capital) you have access to. LMI enables you to leverage your equity and purchase more assets. While there is an associated cost, this cost is normally more than compensated for by the opportunity that additional growth assets afford you and it is tax deductible so the Return On Investment (ROI) for the most part makes it a viable option. Once again, there is no simple answer and this needs to be assessed on a case by case basis.

How many properties do I need to retire?2017-10-05T00:18:44+10:00

Again, there is no one answer to this question. It is not so much the number of properties you need as the asset value that you need to acquire to achieve your goals. The size of the asset base you require will depend on how long you have until retirement, the level of income you require at retirement and the value of your non property assets such as superannuation at that point. We will help you to clarify your retirement expectations and develop a strategy to maximize your investment outcomes.

How do I buy 10 properties in 10 years?2017-10-05T00:18:30+10:00

How many properties you can purchase in any given time frame is dependent on your capacity for investment. There is no one size fits all investment solution and you should be wary of anyone who suggests there is. To answer this question, we would need to meet with you to gain an understanding of your specific circumstances including among other things, debt servicing capacity, available capital and attitude to risk and debt. Based on this information we will show you how you can make the most of your capacity to implement your specific strategy. The fact is most clients don’t need anywhere near 10 properties to achieve their goals, they need a plan which will help determine what they do need so we can then be very strategic about the types of property they acquire based on their predetermined goals.

What Type of Property does Bespoke focus on?2017-10-05T00:16:32+10:00

By contrast with many marketers in the property investment space, Bespoke does not have a single property focus. Our motto is “Your Wealth, Your Way”, we don’t have a predetermined stock list to ‘sell’ you, rather, we find the right property for your specific strategy, be that existing, new house and land, town house, apartment, commercial, development land…
It’s not about the property, it’s about you, your plan and your goals for investment property is simply the asset class you are using to achieve your goals.

What is the advantage of working with Bespoke Investment Group?2017-10-05T00:14:05+10:00

Bespoke Investment Group uses its resources to support clients in their investment journey. Rather than simply selling property, we begin by helping clients clearly define their investment goals and develop a clear strategy for their portfolio development.
We research markets to identify high growth property assets for our clients in stable long term growth markets. Through our relationships with developers and builders we enable clients to acquire quality investments at no additional cost to the investor who has the benefit of a ‘one stop shop’ to support their investment plan.

Can’t find the answer? Ask Us.